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Sujith S Naik has been recognised as a promising flautist in the world of Carnatic classical music. He is a disciple of the legendary flautist Padma Shri Dr N Ramani and an alumnus of the Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai.

A passionate artiste with an innate understanding of the art, Sujith is keen to discover the intricacies of music through his instrument. He aspires to experiment with new techniques that break free from the limitations of the flute while still adhering to its aesthetic essence.

Sujith is a Graded Artiste of All India Radio. He represents the first generation of musicians in his family, along with his elder brother, Sumith Naik, a Hindustani tabla player. 


Sujith has been fortunate to receive guidance from a number of distinguished artistes who have helped him grow as a musician and an individual.


Over the years, Sujith has had a multitude of experience that shaped his career and refined his artistry.

Muruga Muruga - Saveri by Sujith Naik Flute
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